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Bulletin Board

If it's happening you can find out about it here. If you have something you want posted, just email me at and I'll post it!

Monday, May 1st 2000

Since this is my first post, I'll just bring you up to speed. We have had three services so far. The first was Easter Sunday morning to a crowd of family and friends. Our Friday evening services brought in a few more people. We will have pictures of the Friday evening services posted soon!! Things are looking good and God has already blessed us. Hope to see you this Friday evening at 7pm!!! God bless

Tuesday, May 2nd 2000

New news on the childrens front...On May 19th there will be a PHAT PHRIDAY PARTY (Pizza - Hot - And - Tasty) for kids grades 1-6. Beginning at 5:30 PM in the HS lunchroom.  Kids admitted with a parent only! Fliers will be passed out at McAdory ballpark Saturday May 13, look for the clown.

It's official!! Vacation Bible School will be held June 5th through the 9th with a Carnival to kick it all off on the 3rd!! To kick off the carnival will be a Parade starting at McAdory High School. We need everyone's help to spread the word and get as many children to come as we can. If you would like to volunteer your services for VBS, please get in touch with Vicki Maddox ...she's a natural supervisor and she'll tell you what needs we have and how you can help.